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Moving From Failure To Success: The First Step

man looking up determined to succeed

Perseverance is critical for goal accomplishment

Without it you will never proceed past your failure. When asked why he had failed so many times in trying to perfect the light bulb, Thomas Edison explained that each ineffective attempt only guided him to find the theory that eventually worked.

While there will be times when a bad idea should receive a merciful burial, you need to differentiate between the normal obstacles that all goal seekers encounter and the final whistle.

Once you know that your goal is worthwhile and you have the ability to accomplish it, then you should persevere.

This is why it is very important to define your dreams using specific, measurable and time-bound objectives, instead of pursuing vague wishes.

You also need to outline all the requisite steps that must be carried out and locate the gaps in your capabilities that need to be addressed.

Source: Jamaica Observer