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Learn To Say Goodbye To Sadness And Welcome Happiness

finding happiness and leaving sadness behind

Pain is inevitable. We all go through a series of trials that can either make or break us. As human beings, our strength and weaknesses are based on our experiences. They can teach us to be strong, go on with our lives or just give up.

However, the pain we experience do not have to define who we are. They are only temporary and its effect should not be permanent.

Unfortunately, not everyone can easily cope with sadness. While there are coping mechanisms that can mask sadness and pain, they do not necessarily address the issue. We all feel sad at some point in our lives,  but we do not have to suffer from it.

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Sadness cannot be avoided as it is a feeling triggered by the loss of a loved one, rejection and other painful situations beyond our control.

No one is immune to sadness and you cannot see it coming. It is easy to wallow in misery when sadness is too painful to bear.

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