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How To Use the LOA To Filter Out the Negative People on Your Friends List

filtering out negative people from friends list

If you believe that the Law of Attraction is only about physical things, then you could be missing out on the most important aspect of it. The people who are in your life, rather than the things that you own, are likely to hold the most value and bring you the greatest joy throughout its entirety.

Even if you have a large contacts list and are able to invite fifty people to a party in less than an hour, this does not indicate that you are surrounded by the appropriate people in your life. It merely indicates that there are a great deal of people in your world.

However, it’s still possible to feel isolated even when surrounded by other people.

When you begin to put the principles of the Law of Attraction into practice, you will notice that your perspective on the world around you shifts. You also learn how to view yourself in a different light as a result of this. You will learn the immense power of positive energy as you progress toward becoming in tune with the world rather than struggling against it.

When you get to that point, that’s when you start hearing something in your group of friends that you’ve never heard before. Your house will absorb the good vibes that you bring into it, and as a result, you will be able to attract the things that are conducive to the achievement of your objectives and aspirations.

You find that all of a sudden, the sarcasm that used to make you laugh makes you feel awkward. You used to think that friend was hilarious and badass, but now that you’ve spent time with him, you’re finding that his negative energy is clashing with your positive energy, leaving you feeling conflicted.

Another friend of yours calls you on a regular basis to vent her frustrations to you. You have listened to her concerns with patience and offered advice, but she continues to make the same poor decisions over and over. You went so far as to try to teach her about the Law of Attraction, but she has a dozen different explanations for why it won’t work for her.

At long last, you’ve come to realize that she has no intention of altering her behavior. You are free to feel sorry for her, but you have no business attending the pity parties she’s throwing. Cancel your reservation. Your positive energy is being depleted by her negative energy, which is to neither of your mutual benefit.

These are just some of the discoveries you make about the people in your inner circle of friends as time goes on. Some people will recognize the change in you and wonder how they can achieve the same level of tranquility, prosperity, and maturity that you have attained through your work with the Law of Attraction.

Others will feel as though you have abandoned them and will want you to revert back to your former self (if you have ever dieted before, this is analogous to friends who will take you out to places where you will be confronted with temptations in the hopes that you will give in to them and eat junk food so that they can feel better about how they are eating).

At some point, you will be forced to choose between turning your back on what you are aware to be the truth or associating with the same old group of pessimists. When this happens, it’s time to cull the people on your friend list. In actuality, this is not nearly as harsh as it may sound.

In the wild, certain points on trees are pruned in order to encourage the tree to blossom and grow stronger branches. This is done through the process of pruning. Without proper pruning, the branches will grow uncontrollably, provide inadequate support, and pose a risk to the overall health of the tree.

The same can be said about your own life. As you work to transform yourself into a source of maximum positive energy, you simply cannot revert to the negative behaviors of the past. You have to remove from your inner circle of friends the people who are toxic to your outlook on life, as they are angry and pessimistic.

You don’t have to be around them or let their negative energy into your home in order to be gracious to them in public. You can be gracious to them without spending time with them. Instead, focus on expanding your inner circle to include people whose aspirations and objectives are parallel to your own.

If none of the people in your current circle of friends meet that criterion, you will need to turn once more to the Law of Attraction in order to draw the appropriate individuals to you while simultaneously being drawn into the circles of those who follow the beliefs that you now hold.

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