Get Off The Couch and do Something Productive

get off the couch

get off the couch

We all desire to succeed in life, we are psychologically hot-wired to strive to succeed in one thing or another. But some of us fail due to misdirection and poor decision making. In order to create a more productive life you need to have resilience and patience but also decide what you spend your energy and time in.

If you fail, get up, dust yourself and try again, this is the only way to become more productive. Do not give up on your plans and sooner rather than later they will unfold before your very eyes. To be more productive, it is very important to be happy with what you do. Waking up every morning to do something you love is already enough motivation in itself.

Some forms of “entertainment” are good and all but why is it exactly that you over-spend all this time with what soon becomes unproductive, and later you complain of not having a fulfilled life? Sometimes we just gotta get off the couch:

Get Off The Couch and do Something Productive – part 2