Do We Have Energy Centers?


It is not until I started changing my perspective on beginning to see everything as “energy” that I started getting more curious about so-called “chakras”, and though I do not fully understand this concept, I am connecting dots as I continue to develop my understanding.

Whether we really do have these energy centers embedded within our body as in some sort of ethereal form or as an energy signature within our physical bodies is subject to each individual belief and experience.

All I know from personal belief and experience is that there is a lot more to ourselves than what we may currently believe, know, or understand.

I share with you today, some information for those still contemplating this concept or at least a bit curious about it…

Non-physical body parts or “organs” that release or absorb energy are referred to as the Energy Centers of the body. These energy centers also referred to as the chakras are analogous to a rotating wheel that is seen to distribute energy to specific body tissues, organs or glands.

The human body is energized and rejuvenated from the foods and drinks we intake and the chakra is the organ that exchanges this bodily energy, this “energized” or “de-energized” effect is also affected from our emotions. As fresh air is being drawn into the body, there is energetic nourishment to the glands and organs. Emotional and physical traumas for example, creates energy which is stored on the related chakra as negative energy. Chakras are responsible for ensuring that there is emotional and psychological balance and sustainable vitality on body organs to avoid impairment.

The chakra could be non-functional or out of balance and this means that there is sluggish flow of energy or no energy is either being released or absorbed. Further these strained feelings and experiences by a specific chakra are manifested on the related organ. This is undesirable as it may result to an attack by a disease. Blocking an experience also blocks energetic balance in chakra and can result to negative emotions or rigid thought patterns.

A balanced or functional chakra has the energy pattern showing a free uninterrupted flow. All the feelings and experiences for these chakras are well balanced. The free distribution of energy not only promotes good health but also supports alertness and a feeling of well-being.

The main chakras are seven in number in addition to other several minor types with the major chakra system starting from the head up to the base of the spine. There are other chakra system located both at the front or the back of a body and these are twinned to adjacent body organs. Hands’ palms and feet’s’ soles also have intermediate chakras.