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Stop Feeling Bad About All Those Fancy Vacation Posts Of Other People On Facebook

don't get sucked into the negative side of social media



In this digital age, social media provide a convenient way to catch up with your friends or family members in the other side of the planet. It allows you to connect and to interact without necessarily being physically present.

However, social media have their own pitfalls especially when it is already used as a scale to measure your self-worth.

Do you envy some of your friends who frequently explore the sights and sounds of various holiday and vacation destinations that you could only dream of?

Have you considered yourself less successful because of what you came across on your newsfeed?

A feeling of discontentment sinks in when you start comparing yourself on social media as you scroll through your newsfeed and all you can see is an update of you friends’ most recent holiday getaway or newly bought electronic gadget.

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