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Stop Feeling Bad About All Those Fancy Vacation Posts Of Other People On Facebook


You begin to question yourself. You are wondering why your friends are living such a charmed life. You remain oblivious to the fact that social media only showcase the aspects that are worth sharing or posting.

So, how can negative comparisons be stopped?

1. Be more focused on the real world.

The only time you feel dissatisfied with yourself is when you stumble upon photos depicting the happiest moment of your friends’ life without realizing that you are missing out on the true importance of things that really matter.

Engage yourself in activities that will make you enjoy your life more such as taking a walk or reading a good book.

2. Avoid spending too much time on social media.

If looking at profiles only trigger negative and unpleasant thoughts, you must avoid this as it will only make you feel frustrated.

You should only devote a few minutes of your time on social media and do not rely heavily on them for updates on what is going on around you.

Keep yourself busy and think of things that will divert your attention from checking your social media accounts.

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