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3 More Reasons To Eat Avocado

healthy benefits of avocado

If you have not included avocado in your daily diet, there are more reasons to do so. Whether you are trying to lose weight or living a healthy lifestyle, avocado is a suitable daily staple. Avocado has plenty of health benefits. It is one of the fruits that can keep illnesses at bay.

Avocados can be part of your daily meal and with its known benefits, you will sure enjoy a daily consumption of this healthy fruit. Avocados are rich in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer.

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It has also a good source of vitamins that can promote long-term health. It contains healthy fats so you can maintain a normal blood sugar level. If you want to manage hunger pangs, you can also rely on avocados because it is known for curbing hunger.

1. Avocados Will Not Make You Fat

Fast food, chips, soda, white bread, those are all things that will make you fat, avocados…not so much. Avocados contain monounsaturated fat and, like olive oil, a high preponderance of oleic acid – this is a healthy fat and a beautifying oil. Oleic acid is gaining a reputation (through the Mediterranean Diet) as helping to keep us slim as we age. Oleic acid is also believed to decrease our chances of developing heart disease.

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2. Curbs Hunger

If you find yourself constantly snacking, avocados can help change that. Studies have shown that meals that include avocados and other healthy fats cause you to feel full, taking away the need to eat more. Because they consist mostly of healthy fatty acids, they produce a blood-sugar, friendly, ketogenic effect. So the next time you reach for a bag of chips, go for the avocado instead.

3. Packed With Nutrients

You already know that avocados are good for us, but, what’s actually inside of it that makes it such a healthy treat. Well, for starters, there are typically over 14 minerals packed inside each one.

More great reasons at: This Is Why You Should Eat Avocados Daily (If You Aren’t Already!) –

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