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10 Things You Wished You Knew About Grief

deep sadness

Losing our loved ones is probably the most painful part of life. It is one thing that leaves us confused, torn and broken. We fall to pieces knowing that the special person in our lives is already dead and gone.

We hear re-assuring cliches telling us to move on and accept the loss, but we know for a fact that things are often easier said than done.

If only people knew the difficulties we have to go through just to mask the pain. If only people could read between the lines. If only people could see through us and discover our own struggles.

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Time does heal, but grief can be timeless. Grieving for someone does not have a time frame. It can take days, weeks, months or even decades.

Even if you are aware that your loved one is not always here to stay, the loss still becomes unbearable when it takes place.

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