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Self-Help Tips That Are Not Really Helping

Feeling frustrated

For sure, you have already heard some self-help tips about living life. If you need some words of encouragement, you turn to these tips hoping they can provide you an extra strength to go on. Unfortunately, these tips are anything but helpful.

Some of them are unrealistic and will only make you more confused.

There are some suggestions about some better alternatives to the self-help tips that we get used to. While they may sound reassuring, none of them seems to make the problem better for you. Instead of making life better, everything seems more difficult to deal with.

Before you get stuck in these self-help tips, you should view things from a more realistic perspective. Life is full of challenges and it takes more than just self-help tips to survive them.

It’s not just about seeing the glass half-full or half-empty, it is also about finding ways to refill the glass.

Here are some common self-help myths debunked:

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