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Are You A Negative Thinker Or Just Realistic?

negative thinker or realist?

Are there times when you just want to be as realistic as possible so you can prevent frustration and disappointment due to expecting too much?

I do. However, being realistic is often mistaken for being a negative thinker. While it is inevitable to cloud your thoughts with negative thinking, you can still change it into something more positive without necessarily dispensing realistic thoughts.

More often than not, negative thinking can bring you worries and this cannot contribute to your success. They will not improve the way you view life. Instead, they can stop you from doing what you could have done if those negative thoughts had not gotten in the way.

So, shake off those negative thoughts and start to hope for the best. Of course, you should also be prepared for the worst.

Being realistic without bordering on pessimism can make wonders. If you always feel like entertaining negative thoughts, always remember to shift your thoughts to positive and more optimistic ones.

This morning as I was headed out to our office, The Center of Success, Michael said, “Don’t be surprised if your car doesn’t start.”

OK, I get it. It’s below freezing, and my car might not start. That’s a thought I don’t want to hold onto. Do I really want to put my attention on that negative worry? Cuz if I do, I’m inviting a bucket full of repetitive worries that are guaranteed to make me feel bad.

So what’s the possibility of my car starting when I turn the key? It’s colder in Michigan and Alaska, and cars start all the time. It’s only been 0 degrees for a day.

At that moment I made a conscious decision to eliminate that worry and shift my thoughts to a more positive one: I like the idea that my car starts just fine.

And it did. And here I am. In my office. Warm and snug.

I just hope my car starts at the end of the day.

My father’s gruff voice popped into my mind. “I’m not being negative, I’m just being realistic!”

Uh oh.

Here comes another negative thought.

Gotta turn that thought away fast and focus on my car starting and everything working out fine.

No matter what happens, those pesky negative thoughts and worries keep showing up.

I’m just glad I’ve learned to let them go.

Source: I’m not negative, I’m realistic

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