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This Is Why Being Rude Is The Weak Person’s Imitation Of Strength

rude is the weak person's imitation of stregthLook at celebrities like Simon Cowell. He has built his reputation of being rude for a long time. Perhaps he has a sense of self because he’s not connected to others.

Perhaps he does not recognize the fact that true strength is hardly noticed. Other rude people also tend to have the same character traits.

They mistake the fact that strength does not seek for attention. What they forget is that rudeness is only something dressed up in strength clothes.

It’s just a tiny attention-seeking runt that will wear false attire because it’s fashionable in that sense.

How to handle a rude person

If you currently face a situation where someone close to you is rude, the first step is — do not lose your cool. If possible, discuss with them why they were rude to you.

If it’s in their personality, strive not to take it personal. They will most likely give up if you don’t show any response every time they are rude to you.

But the most important thing is to talk to them about the matter. This way, you will know the cause of their rudeness, so you may want to avoid those things that make them agitated.

Photo credit: stallio