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When Feeling Extremely Fatigued And Unmotivated

exhausted and unmotivated

exhausted and unmotivated

Building and sustaining personal motivation is vital yet very tricky. When motivated, you are able to work faster, better and remain happy during the task, but when unmotivated, you will lag behind your rate of productivity and feel lousy throughout the whole process. It is motivation that pushes an individual to continue working hard even in terrible times in order to succeed and achieve goals.

Motivation is hard to maintain and can be killed by a number of factor with exhaustion being the chief killer. Exhaustion will kill both your moods and motivation. It is therefore very important to take regular recreational breaks and holidays in order to relax and get mentally recharged.

When you start a new task, you are filled with optimism and all you can focus on is the expected benefits. You are unaware of any difficulty since you haven’t started yet. This causes a great surge of both physical and mental activity. This activity combined with energy boost get projects started.

This energy boost inevitably ends. Exerting large quantities of energy wears you down, and you start feeling extremely exhausted. Irrespective high you started off the project, you fall down just as low. This makes you loose confidence.

A combination of scant results and fatigue kills your motivation and you start feeling like giving up. The only way of getting your motivation back is through taking a break.

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