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Whatever You Are Feeling At This Moment Is Because You Have Practiced One Of These Two Things.

practice the way you want to feel

We have all heard the phrase, practice make perfect. What we didn’t hear was that whatever we practice we will perfect.

This is exactly what is happening when we are feeling good or feeling bad.

Consider for a moment, how are you feeling right now?

Happy, content, frustrated, confused?

Whatever you are feeling at this moment, is because you have Practiced the Art of either feeling good or bad, and from there on joyful and happy or frustrated and anxious.

Basically, you can say you have perfected your feelings. Problem is that you learned how to perfect your feelings unconsciously.

How to change your feelings

Your brain is a muscle. Without proper exercise, it gets stuck in habits, regardless of whether those habits are good or bad.

Feelings are the brains muscle memory; feelings are your brain’s habit. Without going into a dull science lecture on the brain, the main points that you need are:

1. When your brain isn’t exercised it gets stuck in a gray matter rut.

2. Change your brain’s response mechanism, change your thoughts, and change your feelings.

Change your brain’s mechanism and feel good!

Your brain learned how to feel bad, now it’s time to practice feeling good again.

It’s Time to rewire your brain

Your brain is the control center of your entire body. The wiring that sends the information to our emotions is called a synapse.

Basically, all a synapse is; is a link that links different areas of your brain.

As we said earlier, problem is your brain made these link connections unconsciously.

You now must rewire those links to make different connections.

Instead of your brain being on auto response, you take control of your brain.

Practice THINKING DIFFERENTLY. Exercising your brain by providing different information and being CONSCIOUSLY AWARE.

Think Differently, Become Consciously Aware and Feeling Good!

In order to think differently, you must first become aware of what you are thinking about. The human brain takes in only a fraction of the information that it receives.

Your brain is actually filtering the information that you are given.

This is why you must practice feeling different. Start small. Just like exercising your body, start small and work up. When your brain tells you/your body that you feel bad, begin asking questions.

1. Why do I feel bad? Where does the problem seem to be coming from? What makes me believe that I feel bad?

2. Then ask yourself, what does it feel like to feel good? What make me feel good? Why do I believe that I feel good?

Through these questions, you are causing your brain to stretch and grow. It is searching for information that is there, but there isn’t a current link available to the information needed.

Practicing asking questions serves four purposes.

1. You are Taking Control of how you really feel

2. You are exercising your brain to make new synapse link connections.

3. Practicing asking questions requires that you become consciously aware of yourself and your real emotions.

Breaking the links to the misinformation that your brain learned subconsciously.

You are retraining your brain to know what you really feel.

4. Each time you practice feeling good vs practicing feeling bad, you become empowered to feel better!