What Is Your Dominant Psychological Trait?

Vitality woman

People in the world are at different levels of thinking and psychological state of intelligence. Although people have many differences and there are many variables, there are general overall traits that identify groups with similarities about their dominant mental trait.

When it comes to decision-making on various issues that you and I deal with on a daily basis, our strongest individual psychological characteristics come into play influencing our choices to a great extent.

The people we interact with get a sense of who we are based primarily on this dominant trait. It governs practically all of our behaviors and forms our overall disposition.

For some, this dominant psychological trait happens to be vitality. These people are generally happy, enjoyable to be around, optimistic, realistic and have positive outlook and attitude towards life. For others, this trait is intellectuality. These people enjoy reading and having intellectual conversations.

They also have brilliant imaginations that push them to higher academic achievements. These are just two of the many defining psychological traits that make each person who he or she is.

Ready to find out what your dominant psychological trait is?

Try this short and simple psychology test. I’m sure the results will make a lot of sense to you. Let me know what you got.