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Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Dream

Feeling concerned

You are filled with determination and perseverance as you know you can definitely fulfill your dreams. However, as you journey through reaching your dreams, you lose focus and you find it hard to keep your eyes on the prize. Setting multiple goals can be overwhelming if you do not have a game plan.

You know you are close to reaching these dreams, but you don’t know where to start. You are stuck with planning but none of your dreams are materialized.

You will need to admit that you need to change something for you to make your dreams a reality. Otherwise, you will keep on running around in circles.

There may be challenges and obstacles along the way that may deter you from fulfilling your dreams, but this does not mean you should stop. They are going to be your instrument to becoming a stronger and better person.

Giving up on your dreams makes life dull and meaningless. This is why you should take action and never keep your dreams to yourself.

You’re not taking action

We’re amused when we see someone else’s grammatical mistake and embarrassed when we see our own. Our expectations are distorted. Our reactions to our own imperfections are out of proportion to mistakes made by others.

Our idols are surgically enhanced and their image photoshopped. Films and TV are filled with special effects and impossible feats.

Social profiles entertain like movie trailers that save none of the best jokes for the film.

On Facebook, we share the holiday snaps that show perfect weather, grinning faces, and exotic cocktails. LinkedIn highlights our career achievements. Our websites share testimonials in which we’re the heroes.

We want magic, but feel like we’re stagnating in mediocrity.

Don’t be deceived.

There’s no such thing as perfect. Everybody worries, everyone feels insecure when they tackle something new. Everyone screws up.

People struggle. People hope and dream, and fail. They bawl their eyes out, raise their voice in defense and will keep fighting battle long lost just to avoid admitting they took a risk and made a mistake.

Yes, it’s painful asking for help or admitting you got it wrong. We’re not used to hearing real apologies and genuine modesty.

Give people a little of that importance we all crave by asking for their wisdom and guidance and they’ll inundate you with more help than you can act on.

To recap:

It’s daunting trying to live up to our dreams, but without them, we remain curled up on the sofa, unable to take pride in what we’ve done and who we are.

What small habit could lead you to greater success?

Who can you share your dreams with, who can you rely on to support you?

What action can you take? Who can you ask for help?

Imagine you’re achieving your goal. You reach Everest Base Camp, or take control of your diet. You get that promotion or publish your book.

Wasn’t the hard work worth it?

Source: 3 Ways You Keep Sabotaging Your Dreams (And What To Do About It)

Photo credit: Misko78 via / CC BY-NC-ND