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Top Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

It’s great to see an honest post online about factors that do bring workers over the edge and make them quit. It makes quitting less of a stigma and more about how certain jobs/industries should reform themselves in order to make life livable and viable for their workers.

It’s also great to see it portrayed in photos, makes the message a lot stronger to see images of the office workers, especially that of the woman still working at her desk while night is falling outside, or the employees who can’t find a way to advance in their workplace.

Its great to see how they tie into how quitting is sometimes looked down on for many reasons, yet so many of them are legitimate and even necessary, especially when it comes to balancing work life and home life.

People quit their jobs for many reasons, but here are some of the most common ones.

Have you yourself ever quit a job before? If so, has any of the following been the reason? Take a look on the next page.

1. Not getting a raise.

If you have already dedicated years burning the midnight oil just to meet the deadline but you are still not getting the raise you deserve, you will toy with the idea of seeking for a greener pasture where your efforts are recognized and you are well-compensated.

2. Not enough opportunities to advance.

Everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder but when your workplace does not have any opportunities for advancements, your motivation to continue working is reduced as well.

3. Too much overtime.

With all the extra hours you dedicate everyday just to get things done, the efforts don’t seem to pay off even when you already consider your job stressful. This is why some employees choose to quit than spend years for mandatory overtime.

4. Bosses who don’t have kids and can’t really understand your need for flexibility because you do have them.

How many times have you had a disagreement with your boss just because they will not grant a vacation leave for your child’s birthday? This is really frustrating especially when your boss don’t know the importance of spending some quality time with your family.

5. Feeling Unappreciated.

Many people feel that despite their hard work and contribution, their quality and productive work goes unnoticed. This often tends to happen when the “upper people in the chain” see people just as another number rather than real breathing living individuals.

A 6th and perhaps, less common reason.

Some people are unable to enjoy or find the work itself as meaningful anymore. When you are confident in your abilities and your consciousness is elevating, you start looking for more meaningful ways of spending your time and energy, money becomes less of an issue because you know you can create your own ways to get what you need.

When you find yourself contemplating the idea that you no longer enjoy your line of work,  it is perhaps time to look at other opportunities that will better ignite your excitement and overall personal goals in life.

But quitting your job isn’t such a bad thing especially if it will make room for advancements. When you are undervalued, it’s time to take a reality check. While it can be a life-changing decision, it might just be a way for you to search for much better career opportunities.