Using the LOA for Depression

using the law of attraction for depression

If you don’t get control of the situation quickly, sadness, anxiety, and hopelessness can quickly mutate from a minor issue to a severe problem. Not everyone wants to take prescription medication to change their minds in order to cope with depression.

Some people would rather handle it naturally. Once you recognize that you are suffering from depression, you can use the law of attraction to help you deal with the symptoms.

The law of attraction is a philosophy. It’s not a magical formula in which you wake up one day and wish for the universe to make you whole again. And no one is asking you to put on a happy face and lie about how you feel.

The law of attraction is a practical mindset shift that will help you achieve the ultimate happiness and quality of life that you deserve.

You Are Manifesting A Depressed State of  Mind

If you already know you suffer from depression, you are almost certainly manifesting it. That doesn’t mean bad things haven’t happened or that you should brush it under the rug and pretend everything is fine.

What this means is that you’ve spent far too long chained to what’s negative in your life and far too little time bringing good things to yourself. Going to bed and waking up depressed is a sign that your thought patterns are mired in sadness, just like stepping into a quicksand lake.

You almost can’t get out of it, and it sometimes feels like the more you struggle, the deeper you sink into depression. This is correct. So you must stop fighting today and learn how to gradually recover and avoid falling into this trap in the future.

A manifested state of mind indicates that you are actively focused on something specific. When this occurs, you can expect more of the same. When you are cheerful and upbeat, the rest of the world responds in kind. The inverse is also true.

So the first step is to consider what you don’t want in life. You’re an expert at it. You do it on a daily basis (probably all day long). You’re fixated on the negative aspects of your life, such as your relationship, your career, and your failures.

So let’s give it one more go so you can validate your feelings and then release them from captivity inside your soul to make room for the better mindset that will soothe and comfort you on a daily basis.

Don’t be too generic with this. Find a quiet place to sit and concentrate. Take a notebook with you or do this exercise in your head, but pay close attention to the details.

Make a list of everything that is wrong with you right now. Do not simply state, “I have a bad relationship.” Instead, be more specific. Say, “My spouse or partner needs to show me more affection. On a daily basis, I require hand holding, kisses, and increased intimacy.”

You must be honest and pinpoint the problem because one way to heal is to take action steps, which you will learn shortly.

You should also document why all of this is happening to you. Is it the fault of someone else? Do you have a string of bad luck? You must investigate what you believe has been causing this for so long.

Consider how depression affects your physical health. Depression is more than just a mental state; it manifests itself in your body in an unhealthy way. When you’re down, does your body ache all over? Does your stomach ache or do you have the sensation that an elephant is sitting on your chest?

Get in touch with that physical emotion so you can do things that keep you pain-free and comfortable as you work on bringing more light into your life.

What Do You Want From Life?

You must examine that list and use it as a tool to create the life you desire. The law of attraction is concerned with attracting the right things into one’s life. So, if you want affection, you must first give it.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I made an attempt. It was ineffective. I cooked him/her dinner, but they were unappreciative.” As a result, you gave up.

When you come from a pure and whole place in your heart, it helps the LOA work so well. If you approach each change with expectations and entitlement (I did this, so he has to do this), you will not achieve the same results as if you did it selflessly.

This is difficult to adjust to. We sometimes have a “tit for tat” mentality. When we don’t get what we think we deserve, we become angry, hurt, and disappointed.

This can lead to depression because you are constantly feeling wronged and let down. So, if you can love for the right reasons, or work without receiving praise because it’s the right thing to do, you break free from the chains of negativity and allow some new, positive feelings to enter.

Instead of feeling bad about an incident in which you felt disrespected, you’re focused on what you did right, which is a good feeling. It’s similar to taking a name off the mall’s annual Angel tree and purchasing toys for a child.

You go into it knowing you won’t get a reaction or a verbal thank you. You just do it because it’s the right thing to do and it feels good, right? Your daily life should follow the same pattern.

You should make a positive, ideal life list in the same way you made a negative list of what’s wrong with your life or what you don’t want. What is going well – what do you want to maintain? What other lifestyle issues do you want to request from the universe and make a reality for yourself?

Do you want to be healthier?

More money?

Beauty enhancement?

It’s all at your disposal if you’re willing to embrace a radical shift in your thought processes. It is accomplished in two steps: changing your mindset and taking action.

Begin by admitting that the causes you blamed in the previous section are not real or true. You are the source of your current situation. If you’re in a bad relationship or a bad job, it’s because you let it happen.

This is a difficult realization to accept, but it is a fact of life. You would not be in this situation if you had changed your mindset and action steps earlier. But don’t beat yourself up about it; you’re making progress, and that’s something to be proud of!

Affirmations to Choke Out Your Depression on a Daily Basis

You must now establish a new routine, and in order to do so, you must first accept that it will take time. You must develop new habits and rewrite old ones.

Don’t be discouraged if you forget how to do something in the heat of the moment. Pick it up and move on as soon as you realize it. It will become second nature to you to live this way over time, and you will not have to try as hard or think about it as much – it will come naturally.

Keep your current mindset in mind for the next two weeks. That doesn’t mean you should reflect on how you felt at the end of the day. It means checking in with yourself every half hour to see how you’re feeling before too much time passes.

You don’t have to waste time writing a lengthy journal entry about it; simply conduct a self-check. “How am I feeling right now in this second?”

If the answer is anything other than content, identify it. “What’s making me feel anxious or sad or angry?”

When you know what it is, you should do two things: first, adopt a new mindset toward it. If you’re depressed because you hate your job, then repeat an affirmation that the law of attraction uses to erase your old mindset.

You don’t want to spend your day chained to negative feelings about your job; instead, you want to focus on making your life better. So you’ll say something like, “I am happy that I’m working on achieving my goal of becoming a … (and fill in the blank with whatever position it is you do want).”

Words alone are insufficient. We’ll get to action steps shortly. Many LOA practitioners use daily affirmations to motivate themselves. They would go on to say something like, “I am pleased that I love and honor myself enough to work toward a career of my choosing.”

At first, you may feel as if this is unnatural. You might even think it’s awkward. However, whether you are actively thinking positively or negatively, your subconscious mind ingrains this message, so continue doing the exercise regardless of how well you believe it will work at first.

You’re teaching yourself to stop feeling bad and to focus on the positive aspects of what’s going on right now. Using daily affirmations in the moment, before bed, and right when you wake up, is an excellent way to permanently end depression.

Consider them to be similar to St Augustine grass. That is a tough grass that will choke out weeds in a lawn, refusing to let them grow and infiltrate the plot of land.

You’re doing the same thing. When your mind is constantly focused on positive thoughts, there is simply no room for anything else. Depression has no chance of taking root because happiness is too strong and plentiful in your life at the time.

You can also choose to be more logical than simply ignoring the negative and replacing it with the positive. “It’s understandable that I’m unhappy with this career, but I’m so proud of myself for working on a big change.” you can say. Then make the change!

Always speak or think in the present, never in the future, when using affirmations. Don’t say, “I will try to get another job.” That is, at best, defeatist. You want to say, “I am getting a new career.” You certainly are! You’re actively and currently working on steps that will allow you to fire your boss.

Refusing to Let Depression Resurface: Action Steps

The most important aspect of the law of attraction is to begin living your life as if you already have what you desire. That means that every action you take is that of a happy person, not a depressed person.

Would a happy person curl up on their couch and cry for hours because they despise their job? No.

A happy person would actively seek to improve their situation. That is exactly what you must do. Making changes will make you feel good. If nothing changes, you will see no light at the end of the tunnel and will feel hopeless about your future.

If you find yourself picturing yourself at the same work desk with the same coworkers 10, 15, or 20 years later, stop and imagine yourself in a new job surrounded by the people you enjoy.

Then get to work on making that a reality. What would someone who is content with his or her job do? They would be expanding their knowledge. You could enroll in classes, take on free tasks that will provide you with experience, and research your options.

You will investigate who you want to work for (and why). You will research the company and what they are looking for in order to possess many of the qualities they are looking for.

Make a plan of action, and then use your mind and action steps to transform yourself from a state of depression to a state of utmost happiness because your life is transforming into exactly what you want it to be.