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Stop Self-Criticism: 3 Steps to Overcome Your Negative Mind

overcoming self-criticism

overcoming self-criticism

I am ugly, I am not good at school, I am fat, and I am worthless. People hate me, people just see all my flaws, and people don’t like me.

And you are wrong! Because you are beautiful, you can be good at school, your body is fine, and your value is more than anything.

Look around you, not all of them are the same and open your heart to see all the people who love you, who think the good things about you, and despite the flaws you have, they still see the beauty in you.

Whatever you think about yourself because of what others told you. Don’t believe on it. What matters is what do you think about yourself before you heard what people thinks about you?

What would you do when your mind keeps telling you all the unacceptable things about you? And if that is really true, what would you do about it?

Every day is a gift that’s why it called “present”. Every day is a chance but you have the choice. If you choose to replay all the criticism in your mind, you’d only keep attracting to have negative thoughts and negative results that become your reality.

Don’t be trapped by DOGMA! It is living with the results of others people thinking!

Let’s take a look at 3 useful steps to help stop our self-criticism…

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