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Start Paying Attention To What Inspires You!

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Another way to pay attention to what inspires you is to look at what’s happening in your community. There are likely several nonprofit organizations that you can donate your time and money to.

But what moves your heart the most? Are you compelled to give to families in need during the holidays?

Do you want to donate to research efforts that will prevent and treat childhood illnesses? When you hear about an opportunity to give back, pay attention to the events and efforts that make you want to make your community a better place. This could even help you to determine your life’s work.

When you’re helping others, you learn the principles of humility and unconditional love. When you’re able to be productive under these circumstances, you can motivate others to do the same.

Finding your inspiration can also be a matter of talking to friends and family members. In many cases, your loved ones can tell you things about yourself that you may not immediately realize. For instance, you may be seen as a leader by your peers, even if you don’t view yourself in this way.

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