Some Strange Things Happen On a Solar Eclipse

The strange things that happen on a solar eclipse

Solar eclipses are rare instances that come with unusual happenings

On the 21st of August, many will have the opportunity to witness an event that doesn’t come very often, a solar eclipse. Some people will see how the moon completely covers the sun were others will see a partial coverage. About a fourth part of the sun will be covered in darkness for about two hours. Strange things do happen around solar eclipses. This is because people have different views and beliefs about it, just this fact alone has an effect on world events whether you have a more scientific or esoteric approach.

I don’t just believe in the scientific interpretation of things alone, nor a more esoteric interpretation alone either. But keep an open mind because both have valid points. I do however believe that everything is energy and there are different explanations for that.

Many people have superstitious representations of these kinds of events. I believe these are natural occurrences, but in a way also carry a sort of energetic signature to them on a subtle level. But like many other things we experience in our daily lives, being fearful of superstitious observations and beliefs isn’t very healthy for the human mind. Many times these kinds of beliefs lead to emotional, mental, and even physical dangers.

One example is how a belief exists that a pregnant woman should not look at a solar eclipse because a baby may acquire certain physical deformations or skin abnormalities.

Others believe that these events cause negative alterations in the human mind that causes anger, hate, and other character effects that could lead to fights and even break-ups.

There are however, other views that are not necessarily negative or superstitious.

For some it marks a new beginnings, and this one is special because the astrological signs point to an enhances sensitivity to our emotions and with it a potentially profound spiritual impact to your life given that you are open to it.

After this solar eclipse, you may experience a number of changes in your life. Things that are holding you back will finally have an end and you will feel the ability to move forward. You will experience these resolutions in different areas of your life. It can be in your relationships, work commitments or in your own thoughts and beliefs. If you open up the change and new ideas, you can get the most out of the eclipse.

Learn More About As You Think You Become

The new moon solar eclipse is a sign that it is time to look ahead and focus on your dreams and plans for the future. Start thinking about what you expect to accomplish in the coming months. Write down something you want to achieve and act on it. Make it happen! The stars signal potential for good luck and prosperity. There is no better time to turn your dreams into reality.

You can experience new relationships and valuable connections after the solar eclipse of the new moon. If you remain open to new ideas and support those around you, your new connections must be positive. The eclipse will increase your emotional sensitivity, so it is important to stay in touch with your inner self. Allow your high consciousness to help you become more understanding and compassionate toward others. Keep a positive mindset and be open to this change.

Source: David Wolfe