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Shockingly Or Not, This Is Where Negativity Or Positivity In Your Life Originates

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Some people are inclined to hear the negative comments people make about them, and soon dismiss the positive ones so the positive ones do not have as much effect on them because they are not allowed to stay.

Some others blame themselves for everything that goes wrong around them, such as a failed relationship or for a friend who no longer calls.

Remember that you will have negative experiences and positive experiences. If you are inclined to blame yourself for every bad thing, it is possible that you have a low opinion of yourself, which does not allow you to accept that there can be any good in you.

You must begin to learn to replace those negative feelings and outlook with positive ones that will build your self-esteem.

If you have to do anything today, say to yourself that you can do it successfully, create the right frame of mind, and approach it with confidence.

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Remember that your life is shaped by your thoughts.

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn

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