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Self-growth is Key to Keeping Your Job

In a competitive labor market in which there tend to be fewer jobs available in many sectors than eligible candidates, the ability to show a desire for development and self-improvement is of paramount importance. Employers are not only looking to recruit knowledgeable workers.

They want staff who have soft skills, such as critical thinking and good leadership. When businesses invest their time and money in getting a person into their community, they want to make sure that they get the best out of their investment.

One of the best ways to show recruiting staff that you deserve their investment is to let them know that you are open to personal development. Not only will this passion for lifelong learning boost your chances of being employed, continuing to show this will possibly enhance your longevity with the organization.

Keep reading to learn about the value of self-growth for job security and what you can do to show your new boss that you’re committed to growing up with the needs of your position.

Go Above and Beyond

Especially when you’re a newbie, it’s important to show that you’re willing to make a 110 percent effort. Complete the function you are asked to do, but still, look for ways you can do a better job or contribute to it in any way.

Your bosses will appreciate your efforts and see that you have put thought and imagination into it, too. This thoughtfulness is a hallmark of someone who wants to succeed and grow.

Avoiding Burnout

Be careful not to ignore the other facets of your life when moving above and beyond. There’s more to being an entire human being than your career path.

Taking time to grow your outside interests, such as hobbies, friendships, and wellbeing, will help lower your levels of stress and keep your mind sharp to meet all the pressing needs of work during your working time. Work-life balance can be difficult to achieve, but it is vital to your personal satisfaction and job results.

Contribute to the Team

Demonstrate that you are a team player who can cooperate, collaborate and contribute to the goal of a common organization.

Doing so would demonstrate to the higher-ups your many leadership skills as well as your interest in becoming part of a company-wide culture, and identifying something bigger than you is a major sign of someone who wants to grow as a person.

Always Be Learning

Lifelong learning is the secret to self-realization. Being open to educational opportunities can also be a positive thing for your job security. Not only does it demonstrate your interest in evolving, but you can also develop concrete job skills that you can add to your role.

When it comes to value, the workers who know the most and who are committed to keeping up-to-date with their skills are the ones who will shine. You don’t just want to concentrate on learning, though. Be sure to take action to prove your knowledge.

Start a blog or write a white paper for that industry. Setting yourself up as an expert in your profession will make you invaluable to your current employer, as well as place you in a position to negotiate higher pay, good benefits, or a more rewarding position elsewhere if that’s what you like.

Demonstrating a dedication to self-growth is one way to ensure job security for yourself, no matter what the profession. No one can predict the future, but taking these measures can give you more leverage to call the shots in your career.

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