Positive Thinking Benefits Beyond Success

good thoughts about life

Anyone who has actively pursued an objective knows that it is not always easy. Even when you are doing something you are excellent at, you will still find challenges and obstacles that you must overcome before reaching your goal. Through positive thinking and having an optimistic attitude will greatly contribute to ensuring that the objectives you intend to meet are really met.

Have good thoughts about life

Have you ever met someone who has dreams, desires, and aspirations, but every time they mention it, they immediately discard them in the same minute? After a while, you quit believing that a person will pursue those dreams and, when they are mentioned again, you may not even pay much attention to what is said. Eventually, you can even dismiss that person as someone who speaks but never executes anything. Imagine if you were that person? Imagine, how would you feel if you were full of dreams, desires, and aspirations, but you never really fulfilled anything. Eventually, you would stop dreaming.

That is not the way to go. You should never stop dreaming. You should never stop chasing your goals. While it is imperative that you act according to your dreams and aspirations, it is even more important that you adopt a positive attitude about your actions. Positive thinking is the best way to stay internally while pursuing your goals and dreams. You would think that positive thinking is easy and only requires you not to focus on the negative aspects of things. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy. When you are in a time of frustration when it seems that everything is falling into pieces around you, trying not to focus on the negative can be challenging. It can be difficult to focus on the positive even when things seem to be going well. Positive thinking has to be done consistently; that way, it becomes a habit. There are some tools that you can use to incorporate positive thinking into your daily life and work to make it a habit.

One of my favorite techniques: Vision boards

Vision boards are essentially billboards or electronic boards on which you can place images or words with the primary purpose of inspiring you to achieve your goals. Many people will receive a card from the office supply store and paste or paste photos from a magazine. These should be images of things, places, or situations that you want to have in your life. You can also record or paste positive words on the board. Once you have created your vision board, you should hang it in a place where you can see it regularly.

The goal of the vision board is for you to see your goals. It helps you stay focused on what you are working to achieve if you are looking at it regularly. You can create a vision board online. Think about using a social networking website such as Pinterest or other photo collage software. No matter how you make your vision board, the key is to use it to focus on the objectives you are currently working to achieve and place it in a place where you can see it constantly, even better if it’s daily. As you continue to see your vision board often, the more you will be reminded of what you are working for. This is very helpful when you hit a difficult place, or things move more slowly than you planned.

Affirmation tips

Affirmations are positive and inspirational statements that address specific situations that you may be dealing with. For example, if you have money problems and would like to use affirmations as a way to help you think positively about this particular situation, you could say this sample affirmation: I am financially free, and I have everything I need to prosper. You must repeat a statement several times. You can use an affirmation as part of a meditation session. Some people meditate on an affirmation phrase to consolidate it in their thoughts and psyche. You can also repeat a statement several times during the day. To help you start using affirmations, here are some examples that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

For health: my body is healthy and strong, and I am full of energy.

For success: the success I am looking for is coming towards me at a rapid pace, and I am prepared to receive it.

For love: my heart and my mind are ready and open to receive the love that comes my way.

For the right circumstances: I am doing everything right within me, and it will work in my favor quickly.

Positive self talk to condition your mindset

Many of us tell ourselves the most negative things when we talk about the goals we want to achieve. Or we tell ourselves that we cannot do what we want because we are not intelligent enough, strong enough or even brave enough.

This type of self-talk is not too hard to fix. Whenever we say we want to do something, we should not automatically discard it or say it will not work. We must tell ourselves that no matter how challenging something may seem, we can do it. Then we have to follow up with action and do it. That is the most black and white element of positive speech, but there is a gray area that a lot of people tend to miss. Utilizing words like if, try, maybe and might be as harmful as completely discarding our thoughts. Below are some examples of negative self-talk and how it can be turned into positive self-dialogue.

Example affirmation exercises

I would like to attend college to get my degree, and if I enter the USC, I will be very happy.

I will go to college to get my degree, and when I enter the USC, I will be very happy.

If he notices, the use of if in the first sentence gives him permission to fail, but by substituting if for when he expresses his confidence that he will effectively enter that particular school.

I will try to run around my neighborhood on Saturday.

I will run through my neighborhood on Saturday.

If you observe, the use of try in the first sentence gives you permission to fail, but by eliminating the try, you express that you will actually accomplish the task.

I’m going to buy a juicing machine to help me eat more fruits and vegetables. It could work.

I will buy a juicer to help me eat more fruits and vegetables. It will work.

If you realize, using “could” in the first sentence gives you permission to fail, but changing this to “will” has much more power.

I would really like to visit London next year. Maybe I can do it in September.

I would really like to visit London next year. I will do it in September.

If you realize, using “maybe” in the first two sentences gives you permission not to go on the trip, but by deleting the word, you are saying you will definitely go.

The use of positive speech is a very powerful tool to help you think more positively. Keep in mind that the words that come out of your mouth are heard louder and clearly by your own ears. No matter what you say to someone else, you always listen to it first. If the words you use are positive and affirmative, you will constantly hear a positive speech that will ultimately affect your thinking. Because your words are a direct reflection of your thoughts, when you use positive words, it means that your thoughts will reflect those same words.


By practicing gratitude regularly, you make the decision to focus on the positive aspects of each situation you encounter, the negative, and the positive. When you actively practice the act of gratitude, you will have to consciously evaluate your life for opportunities to learn about things to be grateful for. This is usually very easy when things are positive and going well. It’s harder to be grateful when things are not so positive. You may have to work hard to find opportunities to express gratitude. As you make this a regular practice, you will soon realize that you can find the positive elements even in the most negative situations.

One of the best ways to constantly practice gratitude is to use a diary. It is no different from a normal newspaper where you share your most intimate thoughts, feelings, and ideas. In a gratitude journal, you intend to share something about the day for which you are grateful. Initially, it can be a challenge to do it every day, but be sure to sit down and write something. Over time, it will be easier to express your gratitude towards your daily experiences. Soon you will discover that you are actively looking for things to be grateful for every day. Once you are in that mental space, you will live in a constant space of gratitude.

Motivational speech

Sometimes you may feel dejected by circumstances or life in general. Ideally, your own personal trainer will come in and give you a motivational talk. Some people are lucky to have this type of person and can really benefit from their presence. However, most people do not have that type of person regularly. Yes, your friends can help in this case, but they may not always be available to be your personal trainer. As you know they too have their own lives and things to do and, as much as they love and care for you, they cannot always be there, plus it is not their responsibility to be there every time they’re needed. However, it is your own responsibility to get yourself up.

Giving yourself an internal talk can be a great help to boost you up and give you the strength to move forward. You can do this verbally, internally or even in writing. Depending on the communication mode that works best for you, there are options. In fact, you can even use all three at any given time. There is no specific formula to increase your self-esteem and reinforce your self-esteem with positive internal dialogue. That is the good thing about positive thinking. There is no right or wrong way to encourage yourself.

To lead a successful life, you must first define what a successful life looks like for you. Then you have to pursue that vision of success bravely, but you must do so by incorporating positive thinking. The active pursuit of success can be stimulating and challenging at the same time. You will feel wonderful and serious ups and downs, but if you can use the tools mentioned above to ensure you maintain a positive outlook, you can navigate through everything much more effectively than without positive thinking.

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