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Not Everyone Is As Kind As You

not everyone can offer kindness

not everyone can offer kindness

Do some people mistreat you even when you try to please them?

Have you ever been insulted, bullied or rejected but still indifferent about these injustices, hoping that the situation will change?

More often than not, learning to value yourself is more important than living a life trying to please others.

Learn More About As You Think You Become

Although it feels good to perform some acts of kindness, it is always imperative to know where to draw the line especially when you receive more rejection than reciprocation.

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You become more prone to being abused if you are the type of person who just can’t say “no”.

You are not born to become a hapless victim of these injustices. You can still do something to make yourself more valuable than you know.

Develop self-value in five ways:

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