Morgan Freeman Turned Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary

Morgan Freeman cares about bees

Bees are also on the brink of extinction and their absence can wreak havoc on the food chain and the environment. These days, celebrities are creating their own initiative to take part in saving creatures that are already dying. Morgan Freeman chooses to convert his ranch into a bee sanctuary.

Freeman’s growing concern with the bees’ extinction inspired him to find a sanctuary where bees can live freely and unharmed. It was indeed a great idea because it provides a safer place for bees so they can multiply and make their own contribution to the ecosystem.

The bees are fed with sugar and water and bee-friendly plants such as lavender, magnolia trees and clover help attract more bees. The story gained so much attention because it is a fantastic initiative that also encourages celebrities and ordinary people to take part in this effort of bring bees back onto the planet.

Out of concern for reports of bees dying in alarming amounts around the world, which is bad news for life on this planet, Morgan Freeman has converted his entire 124-acre ranch into a bee sanctuary.

This has been the case with countless other grassroots efforts that exploded following celebrity support. Thus, the concern of Morgan Freeman in this matter will hopefully turn some heads and get people thinking about the impact we are having on this planet.

Freeman joked in an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2014 (see below) that he has become “one with the bees” after turning his ranch in Mississippi into a refuge for the animals.


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