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How Repetition Can Help You Reprogram Your Mind

repetition reprogram mind

We each have different abilities when it comes to creating new habits and being able to reprogram our mind, so maybe for some people the same habit can be a little more complicated, while for other people it can be much easier.

This happens because besides the fact that the habit is a developed skill, it also depends on the magnitude of the habits that are being incorporated.

No matter what you decide to do, you need to be consistent with everything that you do. If you want to be successful then you need to learn to develop good habits. If you want to lose weight then you need to eat less junk and eat healthier. If you want to make more money then you need to develop good work habits.

There will be some goals that do not require too much effort but, on the contrary, there will be some others that are a personal challenge.

For example, going out running every morning may seem like it will take much more effort than building a small habit like brushing your teeth, since running requires more energy (physical and mental).

A single habit represents a new goal to fulfill in your life and it is important to focus only on one goal, especially at the beginning.

That is, it is always better to start with just one habit and see the progress with it.

Sometimes we feel very motivated to improve our life. This dose of extra motivation impels us to propose many goals at the same time, and we try to make many changes at the same time.

At first it seems that we are capable but unfortunately it is very likely that we will give up all these changes in a short time. This is why it is important to minimize the number of new habits we are working on at a time.

Repetition is the key to create a new habit

Repetition of something makes a habit, repetition of a habit can make a belief.

We do repetitive stuff every day if you think about it, and we do it so much that it simply turns into something automatic.

The problem with this is that if that which we repeat is something that is not necessarily good, then it begins to turn into a bad habit and soon enough into a full blown belief.

The good news is that once you stop your auto-pilot mentality and gain control of your consciousness, you can direct yourself as to what kinds of habits and beliefs you would like to create.

Why not use repetition to create habits and beliefs that create a better experience and life then?

Habits and beliefs can be negative and not serve you, but they can also be positive, productive and can serve your personal development.

As you experience repetitive tasks every day, redirect these to serve you by developing “positive repetitions” such as spending time in more productive tasks, and other activities that will server you instead.

Home is the perfect place to start with, everything that affects your state of mind from sound to visuals has the potential to be repeated to develop your state of mind.

mountain and blue sky

Landscape photo source: Zach Dischner

Notice the feelings you get when looking at the beautiful landscape picture in this post.

Feel the colors and patterns, does this picture make you feel peace, joy, gets you inspired?

This is but a simple example of how by simply choosing what you expose your visual senses to has the potential to change the way you feel, and as you do this repetitively, change your habits and overall perception of life.

Everything has a purpose, but you can also choose what you place more focus and energy on.

Your senses are a mechanism that creates your overall perception and dominant beliefs in your life.

You are programming your mind every single day of your life, whether you realize it or not.

With repetition you are essentially helping your subconscious mind to be programmed, your challenge therefore is to choose what you choose to program it with.

Repetition of something makes a habit, repetition of a habit can make a belief. Why not use repetition to create habits and beliefs that create a better experience and life then? – How To Think Positive

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