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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to start attracting money?

There’s no definite answer. Don’t quit, and you’ll see things start to manifest, it also depends on how much your intention is and also taking some sort of action. Start small, your ability to “conceive” the belief and condition your thinking to go up on a bigger scale will grow from there on.

Why does it seem like when I start to think positive it’s a struggle mentally?

When we start to think differently, our subconscious mind will fight back with what is imprinted from past experiences. This is normal. Keep taking action, do new things, substitute “useless activities” for those that serve you better, I’m sure most will know what those are in their own life. Eventually the new habits and positive ideas you gain, are what your subconscious will begin to believe and will yield in more creative ability.

Can I use the Law of Attraction for attracting more than money?

Absolutely, this works for just about anything that you desire or bring about into your life. Your thoughts have a frequency or energy that affects your reality and even matter.

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