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How Do You See Yourself?

self image reflection

self image reflection

A positive body image is seemingly hard to achieve when you perceive yourself as someone that fits your idea of perfection. You can be your own worst critic when you fail to recognize the person that you are.

No matter how to try to feel comfortable with yourself, all those negative talks at the back of your mind breed self-doubts.

If you let those doubts take charge, you will consider all of your efforts to look good a bit useless.

If you don’t have a positive body image, none of your efforts matter. All you will see are flaws.

Do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Are you happy with how you look? With how you feel?

I look at myself multiple times a day. I’m not embarrassed by my body but I’m not proud of it either. My body and I seem to always be indifferent. I’m not fat but I’m not where I’d like to be either. Most people can never even guess my weight, yet I still see my body as something else. Something that should be changed. But why? I work out enough to stay healthy. I have gained weight in these past several years but it has never been anything to slow me down. Never anything to make me want to change drastically. No, my body and I are indifferent.

Yet, if that’s true, then I shouldn’t care about my body so much. I shouldn’t constantly look at it, to hope that it can be changed if I simply stare at it long enough. No, my body is not what I want it to be, but I don’t even know what I want it to be. I don’t have a clue what I would look like if I had my perfect body. Not somebody else’s perfect body. My perfect body. What does that mean?

As I looked at my body for the third time that day, I realized I was wasting time. I didn’t need this distraction. I needed my mind right now. Not my body. I decided I would ignore my body. I would show it the indifference it has shown me.

That moment, I realized this would be the last time I looked at my body in the mirror for a long time. I would no longer

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