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How Do You See Yourself?

self image reflection

The blogger shares her journey through finding and accepting herself regardless of the body she has. She learned to embrace her body in a positive way and become grateful for both minor and major changes taking place.

I am no longer indifferent to my body. My body is now a good travel companion that has earned some of my trust. My body is not some friend that I need to judge behind their back with the mirror. No, my body is something that needs constant encouragement.

My body needs warmth. It needs love. It needs what I need. Support.

I don’t ignore the true nature of my body, I hold it. I see myself as I want. I see myself for what I am and for what I can do. My body supports me and I support it. I don’t see my body anymore, I see myself, with a smile on my face.

Do you also struggle for self-acceptance?

Learn how you can gain a positive body image by reading the original article source at Sondry.


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