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Are You Brave Enough To Make A Decision Without Regret?

sitting alone in regret

Making a big decision can be pretty tough especially if you are not yet ready to face the consequences that come with it.

Even if you are no longer happy with the kind of life you live, you still choose to stay within your comfort zone because making big decisions means taking a risk.

Yes, it is not going to be easy to be in a point of no return. There may be times when you become apprehensive of deciding something that can change your life because you are unsure if these decisions will have a better outcome.

Life is full of adventures and taking a risk is inevitable. The decisions you make may not always be a good one, but they can serve as lessons so you will do better next time.

Making a big decision without regret can give you a sense of fulfillment. You will no longer be afraid to carry the consequences once you live life and make big decisions without regret.

Here are some keys on how to make a decision without regret.

1. Have a Life Vision

A life vision should be the foundation and reference point for every decision you make. In your deepest dreams, how do you envision your life in all areas — career, relationships, finances, lifestyle, etc.  What core values define this vision for you? Make a point of writing down your vision and the values that define it. Refine the vision over time as necessary. Then when a big decision comes along, you can use this vision as a guide.  If you deviate too far from the vision, it will cause you eventual pain and regret. Evaluate your choices based on your vision. Which one is in closest alignment with your vision?

2. Evaluate the Pros and the Cons

Consider the possible positive and negative aspects or consequences of your decision. Write down a list of pros and cons for each possible alternative. Then prioritize these points with the most important considerations at the top of the list. What are the possible implications of the cons? Do they outweigh the pros? Can you live with the potential negative fallout or consequences? What could you do to mitigate the fallout?

3. Phone a Friend

Carefully select two or three trusted friends whose opinion and judgment you value. Tell them about your life vision, show them your list of pros and cons and ask for their input about your decision. Someone who is removed from the turmoil of the decision and who has a different perspective can help you see things in a clearer light. A personal coach also can help you gain clarity around your decision by asking you pointed questions related to your motivations, feelings, and desires.

4. Invoke a Higher Power

Go to a quiet place. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Go within. Pray or meditate (or whatever feels right to you) and ask for guidance. Your own inner wisdom and intuition will often rise to your conscious mind when you calm the mental chaos of over-thinking your decision. Imagine yourself in all of the possible outcomes and pay attention to how you feel. Keep a pen and paper handy to make notes about your feelings after reflection. Give it a few days. You may be surprised that the answer presents itself unexpectedly.

Source: How To Make A Big Decision Without Regret