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Why You Need To Fail Before You Succeed

from failure to success

Perhaps you have been told that failure is unacceptable and I myself am guilty of believing in this principle. However, deluding oneself into believing that we should not make room for any failure can be debilitating.

It can create a negative impact that can stop us from challenging or pushing ourselves. The good news is, accepting our failures can increase the likelihood of succeeding. It can make us improve the things that we used to be bad at.

Failure is not the end of everything, it is just the beginning of great things ahead of us. When you fail, you are reminded to do better. No one should be discouraged to try again due to failures because they only become a way to realize that everyone deserves second chances at doing good in life.

If you let yourself be held a prisoner in failures, you will be contented to stay within your comfort zone. You are going to be afraid of taking a risk even when you know that there are things that are worth the risk.

The sooner you fail, the less afraid you are to fail again.

When you are not afraid of failure, the world is yours to conquer.


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The sooner you fail and realize that you are capable of picking yourself back up, the better. The first time you fail it might be scary. You might feel helpless and hopeless.

But you always pick yourself up. Why? Because you have to.

As soon as you see that your life did not fall apart when you failed, you will rid yourself of that irrational fear that the unknown brings.

Everybody is going to fail at some point in his or her life. The sooner you fail, the sooner you create the cushion that will help ease the fear of your other possible and future failures.

Suddenly, the unknown will not scare you; you will be able to plunge into it and take the opportunities that are right there in front of you.

Failure makes you stronger.

Failure is an experience that makes you stronger than you were before.

Overcoming obstacles and picking ourselves up is what leads us to be proud–of our strength, our courage, and our adversity.

When you learn failure through one area of your life, you can apply the same lessons to the other areas in your life. Getting over a hump at work can show you how capable you are of overcoming obstacles. When you learn to be fearless professionally, you can learn to become fearless in your social life. You’ll be less afraid to make new connections, take chances with people, and truly put yourself out there.

Similarly, when we pull ourselves up from a horrible breakup, we can apply that same strength to our professional life. We learn that leaving a job or ending a bad relationship take the same strength to get past. Due to our many trials and errors, we have earned that strength.

Failure is a blessing disguised as a curse. Don’t ever fear failure. Embrace It. Know that it is necessary.

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