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7 Reasons You Are Not Attaining Success

attaining success

attaining success

Are you stuck in a nine to five grind? Do you find yourself doing the same thing everyday? Does your job lack variation that you become bored with the same routine?

Even when you keep the same job for years, you may still be wondering why you are not stepping up. You have set goals but none of your goals has been achieved.

There are reasons why you cannot attain success. I agree on one of the reasons stated on the article that being afraid of taking a risk can hinder your success.

(I have added my additional comments in red. – Val)

7 Reasons You Are Distancing Yourself From Achieving Success

1. They fail to seek knowledge

If you are not someone who believes in constantly learning something new, you will not be successful. The world is changing so fast and in order to keep up you must be willing to put the time in to learn new things and to apply that knowledge.

Success really depends upon your own personal definition of success. In general, seeking knowledge is indeed very helpful but remember, it is really understanding of that knowledge that really makes all the difference.


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2. They are impatient

Impatient people cannot become successful because they do not give themselves the time for their dreams to be realized.

They say “patience is a virtue” for a reason, it allows us to give ourselves the time needed to internalize our feelings about what our dreams really are about and what we really want out of them.

Let’s look at 5 other important reasons, you will see why…

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