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7 Reasons You Are Not Attaining Success

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3. They complain a lot

People who will never become successful spend their lives complaining about everything and everyone. Anyone who complains a lot will always be frustrated, angry, bitter and, for this reason, do not have any time or energy to pursue their dreams.

It takes roughly the same amount of energy, think about it…The time it takes for you to complain about something, wouldn’t you be able to be more productive if you switched this time for something more productive like getting things done, or focusing on solutions instead of the problems themselves?

4. They lack confidence

If you do not believe in yourself how you can then expect others to believe in you? You must believe that you can achieve anything you want and put your mind to and be prepared to do it.

Sometimes this involves getting out of our comfort zone where we can make new discoveries and be able to learn and grow more, our confidence will rise up with this.

5. They fear failing

The fear of failing is the biggest dream killer. People have such a fear that they might fail at what they do that they refuse to even make an effort.

Rewire your thinking about “fear of failing” into changing the way you look at it. See it as learning opportunities and lessons that give us insights on how to proceed with the way we do things next time we try again.

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6. They fail to figure out what it is they want

Many people go through life bouncing from pillar to post all because they do not know what they want. You must first decide what it is you want to achieve, and then you can work towards it.

Not knowing what is it that you want is like shooting an arrow in the fog, you may see the target in the distance but the fog is so thick you cannot really see exactly where it is.

7. They are ungrateful

People who are ungrateful cannot be successful as they do not see the need to be grateful for the small things they have been blessed with.

There is an energetic component to being successful and having an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful will only lead you to be more honest and genuine with the people you interact. They will pick up on this and will even contribute some of their energy to your own success.


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