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49 Positive Affirmations You Should Use Often

49 Positive Affirmations

You Are Optimistic

  • My internal voice is optimistic at all times
  • My internal voice is positive and pushing me towards success
  • I love myself deeply
  • I believe I can succeed in anything I set my mind to
  • I believe in myself deeply
  • My internal voice is positive and strong
  • I have a naturally positive internal dialogue

You Have Strong Beliefs About Money

  • I deserve money in my life
  • I believe in myself and the ability to make money
  • Money is a good thing and will improve my life
  • Being financially independent is possible for me
  • I am entitled to be rich
  • I am good with money and naturally seek it out
  • I am making more money now than ever before

You Have A Millionaire Mindset

  • I have a burning desire to make money
  • I deserve to make a million
  • I become more and more determined with every setback
  • I always aim for the top
  • I have every right to make large amounts of money
  • I thrive under pressure
  • I am a millionaire

You Can Say No Easily

  • I can say No when I need to
  • I feel confident to turn people down
  • I always say no to time wasters
  • I have control over every aspect of my life
  • I always stand up to people
  • I say no to unproductive activities
  • I am a very assertive person

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