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4 Ways To Overcome Your Inner Bully

overcome your inner bully

Step #1:

Identify your critical inner voice. Acknowledge the fact that the negative thought process is different from your real point of view and that it does not reflect the reality.

Step #2:

Writing down the thoughts as “you” statements is helpful in differentiating you from your inner bully. For example, your thoughts “I cannot get anything right and I will never be successful” can be written as “You cannot get anything right and you will never be successful.” This enables you to view them as alien statements which are not true as far as you are concerned.

Step #3:

Create a written list of affirmations or positive statements about you. These statements should be directly opposite to the negative thoughts that you have written down in Step #2. However, the affirmations should be written as “I” statements. For example, “I am smart and I am competent in several ways” is a positive statement.

Step #4:

Never act on the basis of what your inner bully says to you. Your actions should be representative of your point of view, the person you want to be and your goals.

If you use these steps on a daily basis, you can easily not only overcome your inner bully, but also turn it to be your fan.

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Photo credit: Clare Bell