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4 Ways To Overcome Your Inner Bully

overcome your inner bully

overcome your inner bully

Do you get those nagging thoughts which tell you that you are not good enough, casting doubts on your goals and undermining your accomplishments? If yes, you are not alone.

The dis-empowering thoughts that go through the minds of a vast majority of people when they take a look at themselves in the mirror after getting up in the morning include “I am not so unattractive”, “I am fat”, “I am a slob”, “Just look at my hair, hips and waistline.”

These thoughts can occur to you at work or even with respect to your relationships. This is the handiwork of the inner bully in you, judging and demeaning you.

Whereas one part of you is self-possessed and goal-oriented, the other part is self-denying, self-critical and at times self-destructive. Negative thoughts are perpetrated by the “anti-self” part of you and psychologists refer to it as your “critical inner voice.”

Early life experiences wherein you either experienced or witnessed hurtful attitudes towards you or someone close to you are responsible for the formation of your critical inner voice.

As you grow up, you adopt and integrate these destructive thoughts into yourself. If you pay more attention to your inner bully and sincerely believe these thoughts to be true, your behavior will be impacted. It sabotages your successes and relationships, and even prevents you from living the life and becoming the person of your dreams.

This article aims to provide you with four steps which will be of great help in overcoming your inner bully and lead the life you have always dreamt of:

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