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4 Habits You Should Give Up To Increase Productivity

stop these habits to increase productivity

stop these habits to increase productivity

You may be off to a good start but being surrounded by distractions often lead you to procrastinating. There are some habits that seem harmless at first but if they are already killing your productivity, you may need to give them up.

1. Spending too much time on social networks.

Social networks help you connect with friends and loved ones but they also have a negative impact on your level of productivity once carried to extremes. When at work, some people often get distracted by a series of notifications and instead of ignoring these notifications, the task at hand has to take a backseat as you need to respond to a post.

You can get carried away by social media and it can have a deleterious effect on your job performance especially if you already find it hard to give up the habit. Avoid logging in to your social media account during work hours. This way, you can stop yourself from being tempted to check out notifications.

2. Multitasking

While this can be considered a skill that only a few could master, the real battle is quantity versus quality. Although you can stay focused doing different tasks at the same time, the quality of your work will truly suffer.

Instead of juggling various tasks at once, create a specific time frame for each task so you can finish them without running the risk of sacrificing their quality.

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