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4 Habits You Should Give Up To Increase Productivity

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stop these habits to increase productivity

3. Watching TV before hitting the sack.

After a tiring day at work, nothing feels more relaxing than sitting on a couch and riveting on a TV screen. However, staying up late at night can wreak havoc on your productivity.

Even if you cannot fall asleep, watching TV will only worsen the situation. There is no substitute for real conversation with your family. In fact, you should spend more time with them instead of watching TV.

4. Living a sedentary lifestyle

A desk job can make you feel lazy all throughout the day and this makes productivity so impossible to achieve. Even if you have a very busy schedule, you should not forget to engage in a physical activity to stimulate your brain so you can be more focused. You can do a huge favor to yourself by engaging in a 20-minute exercise.

By slowly kicking these habits, you will notice the difference in your level of productivity. You may even have an extra energy to spend some quality time with your loved ones by following these best practices.