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3 Ways You Can Unlock Your Creative Potential

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Some people have a penchant for art, literature and the like. I myself am amazed whenever I see people who can let their creativity and imagination flow freely without boundaries.

I like writing and for someone who has not discovered their creative side yet, it can be such a struggle to unlock it.

One thing that used to stop me from reaching my creative potential was distractions. There are just too many of them. I want to write, but my attention shifts from one task to another.

By the time I sit down and put my thoughts into words, the creative ideas just mysteriously disappear into thin air. Which is why I have a notebook.

Whenever I have some creative ideas in mind, I just write it.

I agree with the ideas on this article that for an individual to unleash creativity, living a creative life is necessary.

Living a Creative Life

Through writing, I began to address what it meant to live a creative life. For me it meant to see beauty, pattern, life-force, connectivity and spirit in the world around me.

It meant to live with an open heart — at our core we are love and abundantly creative.

The creative life is not about the art we physically create but about perspective. I began to feel deeply that finding my creative voice and power was about shifting my energy and perspective.

Here are some ways you can embrace creativity:

1. Honor your creative self. When you notice it, spend a little time in this witnessing place. Honor it with your attention, your love and allow it to be nurtured and grow.

2. Find your constant. What is the form that you keep going back to and that feels natural to you? For me it was journaling. Maybe it is something you just know in your gut or something that you imagine doing but haven’t dabbled in it yet. I believe we are all given creative gifts. Love the one that is yours. Allow it to lovingly hold your voice.

3. Improvise. Speak your truth, your beauty and light through whatever movement comes to you. Connect to your creative energy and allow that to direct how it should be expressed. Maybe you hum a song, maybe you write in your journal, maybe you create a beautiful meal or poem.  Allow it to come to form with ease.

4. See yourself for what you are. Notice where you are creative in your life. Maybe you notice the amazing images that come spontaneously from your depths while you sleep. Or a doodle that you scribbled on a napkin. Or maybe it is a flowing letter that gives style to a simple to-do list.

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