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10 Mistakes That Make Losing Weight Much Harder

Discover what the 10 mistakes that make it more difficult to lose weight. If you have put great effort to lose weight through a diet or exercise, nothing seems to work and you have thought about abandoning your goals, before doing so read on.

There are a number of small and big mistakes that are made when starting a diet or exercise regimen and this is mostly due to not having a program to lose weight or the additional support of professionals.

Eating “light” foods, eliminating fats from your diet and consuming empty calories are some of these mistakes that do not allow you to lose weight.

Take a look at these common misconceptions and start implementing this gradually to help the weight loss process.

1. Eat Light Foods to Lose Weight

All foods described as “light”, low fat, whole or low calorie, are mostly a trap and represent an obstacle in the goal of losing weight.

The food industry uses various additives and flavorings so that these foods maintain a good flavor, in turn, they contain a large excess of salt and sugar which stimulate appetite and weight gain.

There are even rumors that monosodium glutamate which, according to some sources, indicates that this additive stimulates the appetite.

Light products mostly contain foods that replace sugar and wheat flour with sweeteners or “whole-grain” flours that are usually adulterated.

Another study indicated that the consumption of artificial sweeteners stimulates appetite and in the long term contribute to an increase in body weight overbalance.

Avoid packaged foods

It is recommended you choose natural foods and ingredients that are not processed or packaged.

You can replace these foods with others that are natural and full of life such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, seeds, beans, among others.

Which combined properly will have a very beneficial effect on weight loss.

2. You don’t eat enough vegetables

When talking about plant-based foods, we mean fruits, vegetables, seeds, oilseeds and grains rich in many nutrients and fiber.

A study published by Obesity Research, indicated that the consumption of fruits and vegetables in families of obese parents and children has significant effects on weight loss.

Thanks to its low-calorie content replacing the consumption of foods rich in sugar and bad fats.

Another study published by the scientific journal Obesity Reviews indicated that the consumption of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet are a great contribution of fiber.

The fiber in joint action with the water forms a gel at the time of digestion, which has the ability to provide a feeling of satiety and contribute to weight loss.

Prepare an Extract

If you don’t love fruits and vegetables it is recommended that integrating them into your breakfasts such as fruit juices or green juices which will fill you with vitality and nourish your body.

Integrate both fruits and vegetables into salads which can be the main part of your lunch, accompanied by delicious dressings and super healthy vinaigrettes.

3. Don’t always go by what you read in the labels

Most packaged foods hide many surprises on the labels, just read the list of ingredients and the nutritional information of the product.

Many health benefits offered in advertising are deceptive and make it difficult for consumers to choose healthy foods.

Its high-calorie content, chemical additives, excess sodium and infallible sweeteners in these products contribute to weight gain.

Opt for natural foods

The most effective solution to not waste time reading countless labels is simply to stop consuming too much of the packaged foods and replace them with natural foods.

Choose also to prepare your own sauces, dressings, pickles among others.

4. Remove Fats

Eliminating all sources of fat is not the smartest option to lose weight quickly.

Our body is very wise and on the contrary, having few energy sources will produce more reserve tissue as fatty tissue to compensate for that absence.

The intelligent and balanced use of fats can help you lose weight, as indicated by a study published by the NCBI where monounsaturated fats help speed up your own metabolism, contributing to weight loss.

Choose healthy fats to lose weight instead

The best option not to make this mistake is to replace these food groups with one hundred percent natural options.

Fats can be replaced by healthy options such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are found in avocado, olive, olive oil and oilseeds.

5. Have a daily routine under a lot of stress

A key point if you want to lose weight quickly is to reduce stress, and we mean the stress that you add to the challenges of each day. For example:

Worrying more than necessary, fear of not being able to lose weight or simply that we do not deserve it, not having moments of recreation, not having space for oneself, being surrounded by environments that stimulate bad mood, among other situations.

A study published by the NCBI indicates that continuous stress affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), altering the function of certain hormones contributing to obesity and metabolic diseases.

Practice putting an end to your stress

A very healthy practice that contributes favorably to reducing stress is through meditation, which you can perform in a room free of noise and other distractions, sitting or lying down concentrating only on your breathing.

If meditation becomes complicated or simply not your thing, you can spend 30 minutes of your day doing something you like and relax you like listening to music, reading a book, drawing, painting, your options are endless.

6. Avoiding physical exercise

Many people want to lose weight only with a balanced diet and it is totally possible but as time passes the loss of those extra pounds becomes more difficult.

To lose weight it is important to keep in mind that an adequate diet meets 80% and exercising on a regular basis takes care of the remaining 20%.

This is indicated by a study published by the International Journal of obesity. The problem is that by restricting excess calories from meals, not only is fat tissue loss but also muscle mass, reducing metabolism.

Carry out a training routine

The recommended physical exercise to lose weight quickly is the cardio which should be at different intensity intervals, this will help you burn calories faster.

On the other hand, exercises performed with the body’s own weight such as irons, lizards, abs or other accessories such as weights help speed up the metabolism, allowing fat and calories to be burned even after training.

7. Do not control the calories in your diet

An intelligent way to regulate the number of calories you consume in the day is to replace those highly caloric foods such as a hamburger, pizza or cake with healthy preparations based on fruits and vegetables.

For example, a serving of apple pie contains 237 lime. which can be replaced by a banana that contains 89 lime. In turn, a slice of pizza contains 266 lime. which can be replaced by a serving of whole salad that contains 152 lime.

Each organism is different and the energy expenditure varies from one person to another according to their daily activity, so it is recommended that if you want to take a professional program or a personalized plan to your energy expenditure by a specialist.

Increase fiber in your diet

The key to this replacement being effective in your weight loss is that it gives you satiety, you feel satisfied with what you just ate and both fruits and vegetables fulfill that function.

8. Eat Foods with Empty Calories

Many people consume low-calorie foods but forget the nutritional contribution they must provide, causing two prejudices to your health:

The first is that the imbalance that causes good nutrition could make you sensitive to getting sick. On the other hand, these “low-calorie” foods contain stimulants that help increase your body weight.

These are what we call “empty calories”, those that gain weight but do not nourish us as they are: sugars, artificial juices, soft drinks, alcohol, sweets, bad fats, pastry, and baking products among others.

A study published by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics indicated that the consumption of empty calories by children in fast-food restaurants, schools, and stores is directly related to the development of childhood obesity. (9)

Replace empty calories with natural foods

The best alternative is to consume natural foods that is fruits, vegetables, nuts and oilseeds as a healthy snack replacing the consumption of junk food, muffins, pastries among others, rich in antinutrients.

9. Weight loss products

There are many products such as instant protein shakes which promise to lose weight effortlessly and quickly, the problem is that these products contain many additives and synthetic nutrients that are not healthy.

In the long term, they are not a sustainable nutritional source since the person who consumes it will begin to reflect the deficiency of natural, fresh and healthy nutrients such as enzymes from real foods.

This type of products promotes that people do not change their bad eating habits and lifestyle, which in the long term will result in the famous rebound effect.

The rebound effect means that after stopping consuming the product the person will gain the kilos he had lost. In turn, these shakes usually do not reduce fat tissue but muscle.

Opt for a Healthy Food Plan

We recommend you avoid this type of products since they will simply fulfill their function for a while but it will not be a permanent change and means not only a risk to your health but also an economic loss.

The best solution is to assist a specialist who designs a nutritional plan according to your nutritional needs and lifestyle, creating healthy habits that will allow a considerable weight reduction. (10)

10. Always eat out

In modern times it is very common for both breakfast and lunch to be eaten away from home.

A very common mistake is to replace breakfast with a mid-morning snack which helps the body to assimilate it as if it were in fasting mode keeping nutrients as fat and glycogen allowing weight gain.

Another mistake is that you often choose highly caloric and unhealthy foods rich in sugar, flour, and bad fats.

A study published by Public Health Nutrition indicated that of the 56 178 men and women who were evaluated and surveyed, 40.3% ate away from home, which was associated with cases of overweight and obesity, especially in men. (eleven)

Make your dishes to eat out

One option could be that you prepare your meals to take both breakfast and lunch.

Another solution would be that when buying food preparations away from home you choose the healthiest ones such as natural fruit juices, green juices, salads or dishes that contain above all a good protein, vitamin, and mineral source.

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