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How Positive Daily Affirmations Can Help

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What do you think of people with a purpose-less sense of life?

Do they have interesting conversations, or show genuine compassion?

Do you believe that they live happy lives?

Maybe their problem lies on looking at their circumstances in a negative light; in fact, maybe they have a severe attitude problem.

Attitude is an important concept in our lives.

The way our self perceives, processes, analyzes and internalizes our emotions will —for a great part— determine the way we view our lives:

We will harbor positive thoughts if we choose to believe in good, while we will harbor negativity if we choose to believe in the bad.


And, why not use affirmations in order to attract goodness in your life?

As Greg Frost implies,”[self] affirmation is not concerned with ‘I think therefore I am’ but rather “’I am therefore I think and act and react'”.

Looking at affirmations this way, they are important because, if used correctly, they will serve to enhance your thoughts, actions, and reactions.

Positive, daily affirmations can help to break the mold of core beliefs that are ingrained in your autopilot system:

Your “internal dialogue”, your self-protection from past experiences, your defense mechanisms, and so on.

Changing how you speak to yourself will, without a doubt, change the way you choose to function and emote in your life.


However, telling yourself you are beautiful, confident, and independent when you simply don’t feel like it is not something that happens overnight—in fact, it may take days, weeks, and (perhaps) even months to see your desired results! But when they do, oh, they will feel like a new skin:

Beautiful, confident, independent, and then some!

But first, try using affirmations with baby steps. Remember:

At first, you have to make a decision to consciously affirm yourself—preferably, while looking at a mirror, using a tape recorder, or even in the presence of your loved one or confidante.

You will see the difference, and you will notice the improvement if you keep insisting and persisting long enough.

  • Say to yourself: I am beautiful.
  • And to yourself again: I deserve to smile.
  • And remind yourself: I am worthy of living a happy life.

If you start affirming these things, then the rest will follow.

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