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How To Think Positive is opening its doors for guest writers!

If you love writing and are highly interested in topics relevant to personal growth, self-improvement, spirituality, and personal development, or have an inspirational story you’d like to share with the world, here’s your chance to create a win-win situation where you can inspire other people, or promote yourself as a writer, and get readers to your own blog. This will help me continue to build my readership and offer my readers great content they will love. Your article contribution will also free up more of my time to continue to develop and grow other channels (including Social Media) which will help create more opportunities for people to get inspired creating change in their lives–that also means more people seeing your work as well.

With all sorts of challenges that life gives us, we need more positive thinking in the world, and you can be part of increasing this awareness.

Benefits of contributing an article

  • How To Think Positive has a presence in Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, email subscribers, and more than 2 million fans on Facebook. Whenever we share an article on these platforms will help readers see more of your written work.
  • Build relevant links to your blog for higher ranking in search engines
  • Gain access to an audience that wants to read and learn more from what you have to offer
  • Gain exposure as a writer
  • Inspire others to create change in their lives
  • Drive readers to your personal blog or website
  • Get the satisfaction of helping others with your knowledge, experience, or research.


  1. Articles must be original and have not been published anywhere else on the web.
  2. Articles should be informative, entertaining, or educational.
  3. Articles should be between 500-3000 words (1000 is recommended)
  4. You may choose an image that fits well with your content and must have permission to use it. Give credit at the end of the article if required and provide me a link to it (so I can download and upload to the website). If you use a photo that you took yourself, mention it on the email and attach it. I can also give you a list of creative commons and free image resources for your convenience, just ask. If don’t provide an image, I may use one that I think fits well with the context.
  5. Send plain text with spaces between paragraphs if you have no need for any formatting such as bold and italics. If you do have some formatting, write the article in a HTML editor and provide me the code view with all the tags, just don’t do any font, or color changes. The best way may be to write it as a draft in WordPress Visual mode and when you are done switch to Text view to copy all the content with all the HTML tags.
  6. Most of the time your article will be published. But know that there are some instances where your article may not fit well with the website. If your article does not seem a good fit I will let you know why so you can make changes if desired. If your article is relevant and is overall a good fit, we will proceed to publish it.
  7. You can link to your article once it has been published from your blog or website in this format:
    <a href=””>my article link here</a>
  8. Write a short blurb about yourself where you can describe what you do and include 1-2 links to your website or blog.

Send your inquiries to:

contributor email