Personal Development

Why We Need Variety In Our Lives

When feeling bored and need variety

Immense Personal Growth

Trying something completely different helps you to grow and improve greatly over time. No matter how difficult a new activity may seem when doing it for the first time, if you have the passion and willingness to learn, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll acquire new skills and develop your knowledge base.

With improved knowledge, you’ll be able to improve yourself for the better.

Expanded Social Network

While quenching your thirst for variety, you’re likely to meet new people who have similar interests as you and enhance your work or social life. And as you spend more time with like-minded variety-lovers, you’ll be able to hear fresh breath of ideas on different topics that may help you see things from a different perspective.


Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised to discover a hidden talent that you never knew you had. Entire life paths and careers have been curved by people who were curious or bold enough to take a chance and dive into the unknown.

Many people including actors, writers (me too), public speakers, athletes etc, never knew they had the passion and potential for what they do now until they tried it for the first time.

So, put your fears of failure aside, and try something new, you never know what you’ll discover.

As you can see, there so many reasons why you should consider adding some variety to your life. So, go out there and try something different today, I am sure you’ll enjoy.