Why We Need Change And Variety In Our Lives


It’s the reason why people who lead busy lives take a holiday break to a far away destination. They want to unwind, by experiencing change and variety in their lives.

It’s for the same reason that we renovate or spruce up our homes once in a while.

We simply want to live in a new environment that is characterized by change.

So, why is change and variety so important in life? Could it be an ingredient for happiness?

Think about going to the same workplace and not getting a promotion or a change in tasks all those years. And when you request a salary raise or change, your boss says they are yet to review their  system, that he’s gonna talk to his higher ups, bla bla etc. But this never happens.

In such a situation, a few things are likely to happen. All employees will get bored at one point or another.

And when that happens, some will leave while the ones who choose to stay will not perform due to lack of morale.

So at the end of the day, productivity is affected, and so both the employer and his employees end up losing.

What the employer failed to do was to implement change. They should have implemented change by rewarding those who deserve it, or by promoting those who need to be promoted to another level in the management spectrum.

Think about someone who works all day long, 5 or even more days a week. This person is bound to wear themselves out because they are always doing the same shit all the time.


In fact, this situation invites major boredom, and when that happens, their level of productivity drops like pigeon poop.

It is something that happens automatically, because, somehow, human beings are wired to get bored doing the same old thing, or being in the same place all the freaking time.

Change and variety in our lives is so crucial in dictating how happy we become. Take the example of someone who saves money for him and his family so they can go for a holiday to unwind.

This person is simply recognizing change and how crucial it is to his life and that of his family. And true to that, when they return from their holiday, they realize there are a lot of things that happened to them.

For example, they tend to be more energetic and joyful, ready for the next vacation. Generally, there’s an increased level of readiness among people who subject themselves to change and variety.

But this does not only apply to people who work alone. Instead, it applies in all areas of life. You cannot afford to drive one car for too many years, the experience will not excite you anymore.

You cannot afford to fail upgrading your wardrobe frequently or even once in a while, it will kill your fashion sense of excitement and interest. And you cannot live in a home that never gets updated  once in a while, it will make the place you call ”home” feel pathetic and boring, you won’t even look foreward to coming home after a hard day of work.

That’s the reason why we need change and variety in our lives.

So do yourself a favor and make it fun, don’t be afraid of changing things up a little. Life is too short to be making life too boring all the time, especially when we’re talking years!