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Why Books Can Calm Down Anxious People

reading books helps with anxiety

reading books helps with anxiety
For anxious people, social interaction is a daily struggle. It is an emotional and psychological cancer that is seemingly incurable. Regardless of the factors that contribute to your anxiety, all that you could wish is to crawl in a big black hole and stay there forever.

If you can’t shake off negative thoughts, you will find yourself slowly becoming a slave to anxiety. One approach that can help you stave off anxiety is by distracting yourself.

You should focus on more pleasant things rather than on the anxiety itself. Reading books is going to be your best bet. Aside from helping you turn away from your unpleasant feelings, books can also give you comfort.

As I have come to better understand my anxiety, which I still have to deal with every day, I started to realize that the comfort books gave me wasn’t only because of escapism: it was because I didn’t have to wait very long for the story to unfold.

Ask anyone who has anxiety and they will tell you: a great source of our worries is the unknown future that stretches before us and the pain that it might bring us. I know, it sounds kind of silly to start suffering about the possibility you might suffer in the future, but to people who suffer from anxiety, the unknown is not only terrifying but sometimes even debilitating to our present lives.

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