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When Your Job Or Career Starts To Suck Really Bad

making a career or job change easier

2. Visualize: Keep Your Eye on the Goal

This may seem difficult at first, but most teachers of positive thinking and goal-setting emphasize the importance of visualization. You might be surprised at how effective this technique is in helping you succeed at whatever you set out to do.

3. Only Associate with Supportive Friends & Family

Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed, even if it means meeting new people. Join groups in your field, volunteer in the career you want to move into, read the blogs of people who did the same thing you are trying to do.

4. Celebrate the Small Milestones

For me, it was landing a writing job with a new online news website. It was not initially a paid gig, but it gave me a chance to start building a portfolio. This was so exciting!

What was even more exciting (and completely unexpected) was that I received a small cash compensation for my first 3 articles because the editors liked them so much.

This was a big deal – my first paycheck as a writer! I was over the moon! I framed a copy of that check and hung it over my desk. It is my constant reminder that living this dream is possible.


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