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How To Stop The Mind From Too Much Thinking

There is more to life and this reality than you may know about. Simply have an open mind and be ready to learn more. With knowledge, understanding, and action you will be better equipped to conquer your own mind and direct it at will.

This is a really hard thing for most people to do. It seems that once we hit about 30, we’ve trained ourselves to think, think, think so much that we can’t get our minds to stop doing it.

This is especially hard when we want to sleep or rest or relax, or when something HORRIBLE that really upsets us has our attention and we can’t stop thinking about it.

We’ve all had those really annoying moments when our heads get filled with thoughts coming left and right, and even though you want to control them, it’s just not easy to do. You feel as if there’s a voice that keeps coming and coming saying all kinds of things.

The situation gets worse if you are going through challenging times, or are dealing with stressing situations in your life.

There are some good tips to help you get a hold of your thoughts, and steer them in a better direction, or calm them all together:

1. Conditioning Your Mind

Train your mind to slowly make negative thoughts or excessive thoughts settle down. There are many ways of doing this, the important thing is to keep consistent! Here are some suggestions:

Swap 50% of what you watch on TV (if not more), for watching motivational speakers’ videos. You can also watch videos on something you are curious about or want to learn more of instead of WHAT YOU ARE FED on TV! Again you can use YouTube for this.

Read. When you read something productive or inspirational, or of a positive topic you are interested in, not only will you learn more stuff but this can serve as a positive distraction from negative thoughts.

Listen to binaural sounds or relaxing tracks. Simply do a search on YouTube and you will find many great free sounds to listen.

I created a video that has a nice combination of calming visuals with a relaxing ambient music in the background. View these regularly as they will help you calm your mind in general especially if done regularly. You can also view this before you go to sleep to have a more pleasant and relaxed sleeping experience. Try it:

2. Try Meditation

I myself have found that meditation has helped tremendously.

We all need quiet and peaceful moments on a daily basis, and even if you only have 10 minutes to spare for it, the benefits are very worth those 10 minutes.

There are tons of research that show positive results and improvement in people’s lives.

The mind, as you may know, is connected to our physical body, stress is one of the big indicators of this as you tend to get physically sick when in a lot of stress.

You do not have to be spiritual or religious to meditate, and don’t need to be in any weird positions. Meditation can be as simple as finding a quiet place, sitting or laying down in bed for a few minutes to clear your mind and be in a moment of peace.

3. Get Out There

I will tell you one of the biggest tips right now: Go out in nature. Yes! Nature has healing abilities, especially for your emotional mind, and spirit.

If you are feeling down, lazy, or negative, you can “force yourself” to get out there around some trees, near a river, or by the beach, especially when your head is spinning with thoughts.

You will find serenity, calmness and a sense of peacefulness if you give in to nature.

If you are serious about a higher understanding of your mind, taking control of your life and open to new possibilities you probably haven’t heard about before, you may want to consider this: Learn about how I was able to overcome negative thinking and tipped the scale by creating better results in life.

For many years I had been a compulsive thinker until I started using a very simple and effective technique, which helped me out a lot.

The interesting thing about this technique is that it actually makes use of the natural tendency of the brain to constantly try to think about everything, to STOP the train of thought and create a moment of stillness.

It is good to realize that you already made the most important step already. You’ve become aware of the fact that there are thoughts going through your head which you can’t stop.

And they are becoming quite annoying. That means that you stepped outside of them already. That you realize that you are not the thoughts but you are the one who observes them. I love the comparison that Eckhart Tolle makes about a dog chewing on a bone. When a dog finds a bone that it really likes it wants to keep on chewing on it and not let go.

Well quite similarly your brain when it finds a subject that it likes it doesn’t want to stop thinking about it. So this is actually the first step of the technique.

You have to find out what the subject or over-arching theme is that your brain loves to think about. For me it was judging: judging myself, judging others and also be afraid of being judged by other people.

Once you find the subject you want to link it to a certain sentence that breaks the excessive thinking. For me, the sentence is: “Oh! I am lost in thought again…” It is important to make it a non-judgemental sentence.

The only one that notices what is happening. So not something along the lines of: “Oh my God I am so stupid for compulsively thinking all the time!”. That would be judging the fact that you are judging. Which is more of the same. So every time I noticed that I was judging I would think this sentence.

And what this does is that it creates neural connections, neural pathways which link judging statements to the sentence: “Oh! I am lost in thought again…” which creates a short moment of awareness and stops the train of thought.

Once you start using this simple technique, you’ll soon realize that you are able to stop the building of momentum of thought, while before your brain would just go on and on and on. You are able to create a moment of awareness, where you are purely observing the thoughts and not being taken over by them.

In a sense, this is much like a self-destruct mechanism. Like an electrical fuse which blows when there is too much current flowing. But now it is for when there is too much thought going on in your head. This simple technique has helped me out tremendously. Try it for yourself.

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