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Small Positive Thoughts Lead to Big Changes

Changing yourself and your life for the better can seem like a monumental job. There’s certainly a lot of stuff you’d like to do and become. Overcoming all the barriers that stand in the path, including your own doubts, is something that can’t be achieved, right?

It’s false. Let’s look at reaching the goals you want for yourself in a different way.

Instead of worrying about all the things you need to get through and all the things you need to learn, break it down into a lot of smaller steps. This change in approach is the secret to making the greatest dreams a reality.

It is true that small, optimistic thinking and actions are contributing to great changes for your betterment. The information contained in this post will give you some advice about how to get this going.

Kill the Comparisons

Almost nothing can lead to having feelings of self-doubt and indignity, like comparing yourself to others. Social media make such findings ridiculously numerous. It’s a losing fight, which is also painfully unjust from the outset.

Comparing yourself against someone else who might have more time, higher salaries or additional money is setting up a rivalry that is not equal and that provides no benefits. Instead, why not calculate your performance with your own bar? Try to enhance your own success, rather than set the bar to the expectations of others.

Try Something New

Set a goal and make an attempt to try at least one new thing per week. Aim for every day if you feel especially adventurous. By inserting new experiences into your life on a daily basis, you are transforming your energy and mind.

Instead of slogging through your day caught in a rut, you’re taking time to prepare or think about a new item that you want to add to your to-do list, or actually put those thoughts into action by giving in to something unfamiliar. Feel free to adapt your experience to the amount of energy you have that week.

When you feel tired, it’s enough to try a new recipe for dinner. At a time when you have more motivation, schedule a weekend getaway or study a class to try something you’ve always wanted to learn. Any shakeup of your routine is a plus that will drive you to make a shift.

Learn From Others

All of us have set our way or believe that our way of thinking is the best. Often we get unduly irritated or offended by the actions of others. If you find yourself feeling that way, take a break to focus on why that person is doing things in this particular way.

You may also take a step further and question them. You might find out that their way of figuring out things actually has quite a bit of merit, and you’re likely to gain a great deal of respect for your openness to new ideas in the process.

These three ideas can be a great jumpstart to implement small improvements that can add up to big rewards when it comes to self-improvement and growth. Once you begin to improve your behaviors, you can find that making more improvements is easy.

You will really be the change you want to see by tweaking one little thing at a time.

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