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Remaining Calm When You Are Under Pressure

at work feeling under pressure


We all face times when we feel our patience and calmness is being tested.

Maybe you have a big event coming up, a speaking arrangement, a business presentation, or maybe someone is putting the pressure on you and you’re feeling like you might break.

Here are some tips to remaining calm under pressure:

1. Recognize and address the most important issues first

When you’re feeling the pressure, it’s time to slow down and recognize what the actual problems are.

Focus on just the most important issues first and let the rest out of your mind. Then, one step at a time you can overcome what you’re feeling.

2. Listen and remain calm

Take time to remain calm and then listen carefully. Listen to whoever is talking to you or listen to your own inner voice.

Just slow yourself from the escalating situation and relax. You can maintain control of yourself.

Remember that your own emotions and actions are the only thing you have complete control over.

3. Give yourself a break

Sometimes we all need to walk away from a situation or take a break from a task that is overwhelming.

If you find that people are getting to you and you feel the pressure rising, giving yourself a break can be the best way to break this mood.

4. Practice ways to reduce stress

There are many different ways to reduce stress and every way doesn’t work for every person.

You will want to practice different methods to see what works for you.

Journaling, listening to music, exercise or taking a walk are all some ideas. Some people also enjoy other things like like yoga.

5. Slow your breathing

This one works best in the moment. Focus and slow your breathing.

Concentrate on rhythmic breaths and you will interrupt the part of the brain that is feeling anxiety or overworked.

6. Understand your emotions

Sometimes all you need is to understand the emotions that you’re facing.

Often a situation will seem frustrating because too many senses are being stimulated at once or because we are unsure of how to label our emotions.

These are just a few tips to remaining calm under pressure. Do not get frustrated if they don’t seem to work on the first try. It really does take time and practice.

Remaining calm is a positive habit that you can create in your own life. Once you do, each time you do it will be easier than the last. It will become like second nature to you.

With these tips for remaining calm under pressure, you will be equipped to handle any type of situation that might come your way.